Depression is bad for my health

ok here we go again my followers i love you so much i know that you loved the last prank video that i released to my girlfriend did you see how i speak to her she is the most nice girl i’ve ever met to be honest i mean she is so pretty

so i went offline when i uploaded the video then i spoke to her then i she was ok with me doing the prank to he so i was like i will do another one so i did another one and it will be release tomorrow morning for sure and you guys will love it

by the i met Kevin David oh boy he is good in internet marketing he is so good man and he is funny too guess money makes you happy anyway ha

so i went outside when i did i met punch of many people so i talked to each one of them and they all are were super happy just like Kevin hart happy and funny so i went to my uncle and i sat with him and we spoke together about alot of stuff so everything was cool for sure and boy that was scary like super

so i saw once a rat and it was nice like i loved it i played with it so noway that would harm but it did yesterday when it was noon you know around 12 pm to 15 AM something like that that rat came back again

so this time i loved it even more so when i stepped on it to end it’s life it was so weird like created too many bad noises i couldn’t understand for real man it was tough i am telling you it was tough for sure

so last time i was nice to it for sure so anyone likes carrot i think not right i mean carrot isn’t good at all i mean think about it like how come carrot are tasty like let’s say wagyu beef there is noway it’s that nice or even close to it

for example hayaneese chicken and rice this one isn’t compare able trust me on that one so eating good food is always nice when it’s cheap too as well ask me about it i love this type of food sadly cause i can’t afford more expensive food

trying new food is important in my life but really i wanna leave this house and buy my own house ASAP really man this are got me depressed i can’t stand it anymore like i’m not happy anymore can you believe it and this is depressing

i mean think about it 365 days of none happiness this is so sad and all of my friends too aren’t happy too and i released my latest song by the way it was a hit like club banger it’s impossible to hate trust me on that one it’s perfect

look at this story of my life man it’s so sad like there will be none that’s sader for sure

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