I’m happy and i know it

i like my self is that normal yes i guess it is actually i’m the best human ever been to this planet like no doubt i mean look at me i’m funny and strong and also very good person to replay on

so anyone thinks different trust me i won’t even look at you i even once ate a whole pocket of ice cream all by myself so what you can do for such a thing i don’t even think you can do the exact same thing trust me man we are not equal and this is final trust me

so who really can beat me i’m like goku so tough that can’t be broken and speaking of goku one piece just released a new movie that’s so great i almost cried many times during the movie so i was like man that is very touching so what can i do so i couldn’t help it so i cried many times during watching it

so from day on i’m not buying milk from elborhany super market and this is final no matter what do you say mama noway i won’t how much it is they dropped the price to the half ok cool may be i will think about so i went to the bathroom to think about this issue

and after thinking too much i almost had a headache actually i have headache so after headache and thinking that much i came to this decision noway i’m not buying from Elborhany anymore again

so what now i will buy milk from Hassan super market it’s very large and stacked to the roof and what about fathallah too it’s cool also i guess it’s stacked to the roof as well i even bought like tea that’s very nice and i even bought like a condom as well man it’s super nice trust me for real it is

so now i bought also a big sack of garbage bags and man it’s so freaking good i can fit in it with no problem at all and it’s hard for me to fit in anything considered me being fat at-least for now

so this can be changed for sure and it will be very soon i promise you so until then stay tuned so i ate indomie today and it was nice same old same old so i went to the super market and bought couple of soda cans to wash it down and it worked

is washed everything like nothing so i went to the bathroom to drop the load like it’s nothing and it worked this time as well too so trust me indomie and soda cans works like a charm and it’s not comparable to anything what so ever no matter what

even chocolate and soda doesn’t work the same don’t believe too you will see for yourself and you will come back to me admitting that i was right go ahead go buy yourself big bar of chocolate and mix it with some soda and it will work like a charm but not as good as the indomie and soda can

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