Life is perfect if you think about it

one time i was in love with a cutie pie not you stop lol but her you know is so sweet i couldn’t stop hitting that every single day i even kissed her with the tongue like a french kiss you know what i mean and i even bought her some really nice stuff

life is amazing trust me when you have a real nice and genuine girl like my beautiful girl of mine trust me everything gonna be changed no matter what please stay cool don’t lose your temper trust me this is ain’t worth it no matter what stay relaxed

cause people will try to piss you off no matter what so you gotta be cool and relaxed all the time once upon a time i lose it but man i was man in myself and i controlled myself and became relaxed again in like no time i mean i was so happy like man i’m so relaxed i’m so proud of myself and it was super nice to achieve something none else and be that strong

so i bought that goat once and it was so nice i mean it’s making really cool voices and it doesn’t eat much but you know how goats react i mean like me cause i’m the goat of this era for no reason just because and i love myself and i know it

my lady hasn’t be angry happy i have no idea why and she is the sweetest like no other trust me on that so i went to the doctor and i was like doctor what do you think bro what can i do with her and he was like relax bro remember we can handle this easily just set back relax and that’s it love her and show her your love and that’s it

so i was like yea exactly doctor this helped like a magic thank you so much mr doctor you are the best my guy for real i mean i have no idea what can i do with out this amazing advice so i laughed at him for now reason hahahahahaha

just being me and myself with no wiener so i like apples and watermelon these days for no reason i mean who doesn’t really man who doesn’t i mean shame on you if you don’t like apples and watermelons you have to to bro think about it

life is beautiful man trust me on that one i mean think about it like once i went to the beach and i found life there so i was like whats-app life what’s up with that so life was nothing you just need to let it go but i was life i have no money please help your boy out and life was like alright i will help you out baby boo just wait for it and i will

so life was like let’s do it and race in a swimming pool so i was like ok you will lose anyway life you know it right so life was like no i won’t so i beat life in that race and i won this rape like it’s nothing trust me on that one

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