Singapore is very Beautiful Country

my brown skin isn’t brown anymore i think it’s getting more dark have no idea why is it because my eating habit hmmmmm i think so yes for sure i mean i don’t get tan right ? hahahah

so i need to get out more nowadays and eat healthy so i can feel better cause i love noodles but noodles doesn’t love me so i don’t need anything right now i need some money and lots of it too

so what do you think do you think it will rain tomorrow ? i think so cause i just saw the news and they expecting it to rain tomorrow so i think this will be the best part ever i guess

i just tried durian at Mr. Hamo Store it was so tasty like OMG it couldn’t believe how tasty it is man for real so tasty so after that i had couple of noodles dishes that was so delicious as well i couldn’t resist but to order a few more

so trust me when i say durian goes very well with Noodles i really like that alot so in Singapore they have the best noodles ever like there is tons of these centers that offers noodles at very affordable price you won’t even believe how good it really is and for how much as well like it’s super cheap

even the pig and pork there is very good and i really love it over there as well and i even went to the cinema and watched the movie watchmen and it was super nice man for real it was really great and i loved it so much like OMG i wish i can watch it again for sure

so i will go to Singapore again for sure for everything this amazing country has to offer from food and the beaches to everything

so until we go to Singapore again i will speak to you later for sure

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